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Dear Members and Guest of the Royal Club,

Vadim Bystritski was born on 28 September 19…. Andre Breton died that day. Had Vadim known that, he wouldn’t do it. Well…. Perhaps he was born… just born. No date. That day didn’t have a date. I am looking through his files now. There it is. This is his birth certificate, all in Russian, filled out in faded-blue ink and looks like my own hand… born in Kazakhstan, in a small town called Shevchenko. This place does not exist anymore or has been renamed into something and nobody cares to remember what. Across his memory lie some huge silver pipes. What’s in those pipes? Probably water. Try not to ask any questions or do research. You have to be careful with the old memories. Sneeze and all will disappear from some dusty surface.


About versaillesgossip, before and after Francis Ponge

The author of the blogs Versailles Gossip and Before and After Francis Ponge, Vadim Bystritski lives and teaches in Brest France. The the three main themes of his literary endeavours are humor, the French Prose Poetry, the French XVII and XVIII Century Art and History. His writings and occasionally art has been published in a number of ezines (Eratio, Out of Nothing, Scars TV, etc). He also contributes to Pinterest where he comments on the artifiacts from the Louvre and other collections. Some of his shorter texts are in Spanish, Russian and French.
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2 Responses to Your Guide

  1. johnGregg says:

    Very interesting site!
    I am a retired anthropology professor about to publish a five volume work on e-books entitled ;
    The Illustrated History of sex. It encompasses human sexual history though time
    and all cultures where sexual information is available. I am interested in using your photo of Edwars VII, famous brothel chair ( thanks fo the illustrationof how it works though I have heard it was constructed so that he could enjoy two women at once),

    It might be good advertizing for your site if I credit your photo by naming your website? I can also name you as photographer. Please let me know how you would like your photo credited
    John Gregg

    • Dear John,

      I am sorry I couldn’t answer you earlier. The problem is that the pictures in question are not mine, and I have taken them without permission. So, I thought for a while about your situation, and the solution that I came up with is to take a picture of a copy of that chair: the copy is on display at the Museum of Sex, which is by Moulin Rouge. I live in Versailles, which is nowhere near Moulin Rouge. But then I don’t really have all the details: there could be a problem with taking quality pictures — it’s a private museum. So I don’t know how soon you need it, and I don’t know if we can solve the image rights issues, but I could take some kind of quasi-legal photo and send it to you maybe in a couple of weeks.


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