Help me then so that I could help you.

Cardinal Rohan had to help the Queen Marie-Antoinette to buy a very, very expensive necklace. She couldn’t do it herself. She had to be very careful. And she would pay him back. Later. And for this the queen would be very, very thankful. He-he! To have a woman who has you on her dog list. This is the man’s world! Which one of you dumb-bells wouldn’t buy it? Men think they can buy their way in. They cannot even buy it out. Money is just another way to show something for a wasted time.

Once the necklace had changed hands, the gems were picked out and sold across Europe. The cardinal couldn’t make the payments and went to jail for slandering the queen with a mere idea of impropriety. The countess fled to England where she wrote her story. And the Grove of Venus was renamed into the Grove of the Queen.

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