the wrong bench

Remember, history is before us, after us and in us. Look at that bench, for example. No, not that one, the other, over there. Yea. Or maybe this one. OK, this is the bench… Well, on one of these benches the king’s cousin, cardinal Rohan was stripped of 1.6 million livres. Do you know how much it is? It’ a lot. It’s worth a castle…or two…, actually it is worth exactly three castles, each one on a lot of 500 hectares. Yea-a-a…  He didn’t have that much, he only had one castle; so, he had to sell it. One sold and two more to go that he didn’t have…; so, they took one as a down-payment and then it took his descendents another century to pay the rest of the money and the interest…. What? You don’t… you don’t believe me? Who is the guide here? That’s right….

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