Gold Fish at the Court of Louis XV


The gold fish was introduced into Europe as a present of East India Company to Marquise de Pompadour whose maiden name happened to be Poisson. Marquise put a number of small aquariums around her reception room, one aquarium was on the mantle piece and two more on the window sill. The fish made an impression. Imagine in 1750 just a couple of them, and now…. For once she had that fish, everyone had to have one. I admire the commercial genius!

She had died at the age of forty-two as the result of the respiratory failure and was carried back to her residence through this very gate early in the morning for nobody to see her dead body: the rule established by Louis XIV did not allow for anyone but the kings, to die in his palace. Louis XV could not attend the funeral, he watched from the palace balcony the procession moving slowly down Avenue de Paris. He cried. And I do too as I write this, thinking of the power of one woman over the population of fish.

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