King’s Pie

Today is the last day for the King’s Pie, does it mean all of this is going to be gobbled up by tomorrow? Probably, they have the whole night. Just like in France, in ancient Rome some very small object would be baked inside a pie in divination rights of Apollo. In the Middle Ages this tradition became associated with the kings bearing gifts to baby Jesus. Louis III, to show his piety, would put a child for a day on his throne. Louis XIV was hoping to be that child to be twice the king: the one who has found a small porcelain figure in his slice got to wear a paper crown and gave orders to everyone. The Sun King was known to enjoy this game even as an adult. He even changed the rules a little: previously the queen, a girl chosen by the king, could ask for amnesty of an exile or a prisoner. The Sun King didn’t like the rule, but he still liked the game. He liked it so much, he would play it for days. This is why the French children can be seen wearing paper crowns most of the month of January.

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