Milon de Crotone

All art, no matter how avantgarde and difficult, sooner or later becomes kitsch. And then there are pieces that are kitsch from day one and they make you wonder. Milon de Croton, a frequent medalist of the Olympic Games, stuffed his hand into a split tree trunk. Have you ever seen a strong, not very intelligent guy do something very similar? YouTube is loaded with episodes like this. The statue, of course, improves on nature: everything in it is better: the person whose giant body is contorted into a mannerist twist, the wimpy tree, that even you, my reader, should be able to uproot without any trouble, but he can’t, he can’t, and then the lion, no bigger than a dog, that comes to bite our hero in the butt. With this tour de force Pierre Puget defines for us stupidity, hm…, as something equally stupid in the beginning, in the middle and in the end, so that no matter at which angle you look at his work, it looks equally stupid. When Milon de Croton was revealed before the august eyes of Louis XIV and his wife, the queen is reported to have uttered a cry, “Poor man, how he suffers!”

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