The King’s Pawn

Alexander Bontemps is a small street in the neighborhood of Saint Louis, south of the Royal Palace. This is the name of Louis XIV’s personal attendant, the man whose office is called the First Valet of the Royal Bedroom, or simply the first valet. I don’t think I am going to find the second or third valet’s name anywhere on any of these walls; all in all, there were thirty-two valets. The number one makes Alexander Bontemps a part of the upper management in the Royal household. The First Valet is also the Secretary of the Swiss Guard; so, he is in charge of the palace security; and then he shows up as the witness at the Sun King’s secret marriage to Madame de Maintenon. Yea, this is the man who, although without any titles, may really influence the course of events. I wonder if I am going to find the street of Dominique-Guillaume Lebel?

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