Defining Yourself at the Court of Versailles

 Perhaps today’s detectives do not stare as intently into the suspect’s eyes…. But the eyes are still the mirror of the soul! I suppose the bumps on my head do not inerest them either. What about the shape of my ears? And… don’t they want to take a look at my Life or Mind line? No? OK. So, how do we define ourselves at the Court of Versailles? It must be the wrong court….

Well, at the Royal Court of Versailles, the self-definition depends on the occasion, as well as the mood. A birthmark, more or less a small fabric sticker, if attached next to your eye, signifies passion, when on the cheek — gallantry, on the nose — shamelessness. Placed on the cheek bone, it shows that you are amiable, on the lip — coquettish, under the eye — assassin!

In fact you could choose any part of your body, but then you need to figure out a way to show it. To provoke glances, glue it right on top of your areola, that is if you’ve got the right cleavage. Wait! Don’t stick one to your chin, it marks discretion. Better on the ear, there it stands for tenderness. I’ll put mine in the corner of the mouth, which means that I am a wonderful kisser, or on the forehead…. How do I look? Ah! This is majesty!…  And then it could be there for a practical purpose, to cover an ugly, angry zit.

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