The Russians Were Coming…

Without the king there, Versailles is a ghost town. The Chateau had known these times before. After the death of Louis XIV, it was quite uncertain that the Court would ever come back. But there came a sign! In 1717, when Versailles was completely abandoned, the palace borrowed itself a king. Peter the Great was striding around the park, examining closely the facilities, then spent a night in Madam Maintenon’s apartment; there was some heavy drinking, the local girls were invited. Peter I, though not as bad as Duke Orleans, could earn at least a silver medal in debauchery.

One way or the other the kings tend to come back here. Last night walking around town I have bumped into the following sticker attached to a street light, “A KING, why not? A new Royalist Action at 17 rue des Petits-Champs, 75001 Paris.” Who knows, the old way, it may be a new way…

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