Belle Poule

It is so funny to read the online revisionism. The Wikipedia pundits appear have different opinions, depending on the language they speak. In 1778 the naval battle involving Belle Poule was celebrated by the French public opinion as a rare victory: the British had fled! Yes, the French had greater casualties, their choice was to focus on the structural damage to the enemy ship, all at the expense of the greater life loss… War, man! the attacking side looses at least three to one when taking hold of a fortified object. But forty and not seventy men killed in action. And the captain of the ship had survived the ordeal. And this is a brutal fact of life. He’s got his promotion and everything, only to die in the next battle. At Versailles the event was celebrated with pomp; the ladies of the Court were carrying small boats on their heads, their hair arranged in curls to represent waves.

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