“In Spain, the Monks. In France, the Princes. In Italy, Everybody!”

When Marquis d’Effiat was proposed as an instructor for the son of Duke of Orleans(1), Princess Palatine(2) threw a fit! To this her husband remarked that it’s true that the marquis used to like boys,  but that he had been remorseful and had not done it of late.

Around 1680-s there existed a secret fraternity at the Court of the Sun King whose members claimed it to be bigger than the Order of Saint Francois. In view of its rampant homosexuality, Madame Maintenon once reproached Louis XIV, by saying that if he does not chastise his Court, God will punish his country. The king gave his wife a sour smile then asked, “Should I start with my own brother?”

1. Duke of Orleans, the brother of Louis XIV; his son, the future Regent

2. Princess Palatine, the wife of Duke of Orleans

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