This Is My Small Theater, Not For Everybody.

“How many times have you been to Bastille?”asks Louis XV Marquis de Richelieu. “Three times, Sire,” marquis is known for his temper. Hopefully, this time the hint will suffice. Indeed,  Richelieu decides to share the official theater inventory of Menus-Plaisirs with that small theater of Petits Cabinets which Madame Pompadour(1) organizes at the Chateau. This is a very small theater, twenty seats only.

Consequently, people are refused admission. The Queen(2) has never been invited; but her son, the Dauphin, who hates Maman Putain, that is how he calls Madame Pompadour, is an actor there. “Oh, let us hear, Madam, that magnificent voice which enchants your spectators!” demands Marie Leszinska. Pompadour bows and sings from Gluck, “And yet he is in my power…” 

1. Marquis Richelieu is a person in charge of all the official performances at the Court of Versailles. 

2. Madame Pompadour is a favorite of the king Louis XV.

3. Marie Leszinska is the wife of Louis XV and the Queen of France.

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