The Stone Guest

Tirzo de Molina, the inventor of the legendary Don Juan, is an author of another powerful image, that of the Infernal Statue which gives the original Don Juan play its title, Convidado de la Piedra.

There is a similar statue at the park of Chateau Versailles. It is like no other statue there: much smaller than the rest of them, it combines two types of stone, marble and gray granite. You may find it in the Grove of the Queen.

The statue’s first owner was none other than Nicolas Fouquet. And it came to Chateau Versailles from Chateau de Vaux together with other confiscated statues, as well as the tapestries, vases, marble tiles, uprooted trees, bushes, scooped out lawn…

The right hand of the statue holds the scroll with the universal law, its index raised to the sky; as for the left one, apparently the left hand of Minerva has already been once repaired, a sinister sign, pointing down to where all the broken off hands go, and from where most of them don’t return.

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