After Shower I Move the Curtain… Without An Applause

According to Leopold Mozart, Madame Pompadour wouldn’t let little Wolfgang kiss her, but Marie Lesczinska would. To applaud a dancer during her performance at Chateau Versailles, Marie-Antoinette showed some cunning. She did it by proxy. The court etiquette wouldn’t allow it otherwise. At the Queen’s notice, one of the ladies-in-waiting clapped her hands for the Queen.

The Versailles Opera House is one of the most exploited icons of the French Revolution: There, on 31 September 1789 the famed dinner was given to honor the loyal to the crown Regiment of Flanders.  When the royal couple appeared in its lodge to salute the troops, the officers, whose dinner table had been set on stage, chanted out of Gretri’s Richard the Lionhearted, “So Richard, little by little, they all abandon you!”

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