Idiot’s Guide to Versailles

Idiot’s Guide To Versailles or Versailles pour les nuls is a very decent book and a perfect primer. You don’t really have to read this guide to appreciate it; you may just leaf through it, which is not exactly reading; but, it being the only strategy available for a certain category of readers, the subject matter not novel and the book’s title making its public presentation somewhat awkward; so, you stick with it for an hour at some major bookstore, easily guided through the text by the icons in the margins.

Right away the authors brought a smile on my face with a simple anecdote from the early childhood of Louis XIV. There he goes hunting with his dad, and for the first time sees a  fox. They tell him it’s a wolf. Little Louis is all excited and assures the party that had he his sword on him, he would confront the beast! There is a lot more to the text than that, and if this is your first book on Versailles, and French is not your native language, then try it, I recommend.

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3 Responses to Idiot’s Guide to Versailles

  1. not available in English? I have a high school Sophomore level of French…is that enough?

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