The Scent of Money

This morning I saw an ad for a new aromatic candle, Moliere, Versaille Perfumes in an Italian women’s mag, Grazia. The name of the ad was Life at the Chateau. “Amusing and well-referenced, this candle evokes the nights of Versailles…, 35 euros…,” So, I went to check it out; it turns out Elizabeth Feydeau, the co-creator of the perfume Marie-Antoinette, which sells for 8, 000 euros  a 25 centiliter bottle, strikes again!

It is spring and the commercial Versailles is stirring. To the south of the entrance into the Chateau they are building la Cour des Senteurs (Perfume’s Court) and Guerlain is moving in, they have signed some kind of an accord at the City Hall earlier this month. In the beginning Versailles Osmotheque, the local repository and school of perfumes, was going to be there, but I suppose the commercial interests had muscled them out. Who cares what it smelled like in the XVI and XVII centuries, as long as it smells like money now.

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One Response to The Scent of Money

  1. catherine says:

    Recouvrir les odeurs naturelles (corporelles) voilà ce qui a fait la fortune et la renommée de nos parfumeurs français depuis nos glorieux rois et reines de France… Je trouve une bonne idée cette cité des parfums à Versailles, il faut de nouveaux lieux pour animer la ville, peu importe le prix des odeurs !

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