Perfume As the First Aid

This portable perfume box would fit into your hand. It has three sampler size containers and is designed for a woman. How do I know that? That is easy, the wider shorter container is complete with a tiny sponge. The perfumed sponge was to be placed inside the lady’s corset directly between her breasts.

Sometimes the corsets were pulled so tightly that a poor woman would have difficulty breathing, especially when a little excited; at which point the gentleman’s duty was to reach inside the corset, find the little sponge there and place it directly under the woman’s nose.

This method appears somewhat circular: when the sponge applies, the woman regains consciousness, the sponge is placed back, she gets excited, the man starts looking for the sponge, and so on; therefore, the only real way out of the situation was to take off the dress and the corset. Such was the first aid at the Chateau of Versailles.

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