Thrones In Majesty

It seemed like a good idea, a perfect setting to gather all kinds of thrones from arround the world at Chateau Versailles. But from the moment I entered the Salon of Hercules, I found the whole thing greatly annoying. Obviously, they shouldn’t have put more than one throne in the same room, cramming in four or five, made them look like ridiculous over-decorated chairs, the metal frames around them did not help.

 The theoretical justification for a failing exhibition turned it into a double failure. The only thing out of the intellectual fire-works that I have retained is that the authority is seated, but power is always standing; for example, Christ In Majesty shows authority, Christ As A Young Shepherd shows power. This took me back to my Elementary School days, there the issue was addressed as follows: If the Batman and the Supergirl were to get into a fight…, I know, I know, we shouldn’t have them in the same room.

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