The Venetian Nights Of Chateau Versailles

This must be the stupidest pastime invented by man– fireworks. In 1751 one of the stray rockets had hit the Bigger Stables. The crowd had something to watch for two days! This tradition lives on. Every summer we have a couple of shows bringing together close to nine thousand people to stare into the sky for an hour. The Venetian Nights is an event to which the seats are sold so we could watch it in style.

On the upper side, did you know that Vivaldi wrote poetry? They recite some of it, then crank up his Four Seasons, and let the rockets rip through the music. The half a dozen of gondolas float up and down the Grand Canal. They fly around an inflatable dragon and a hot-air baloon with a shy trapeze artist dangling off it. Quite a show!

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