Laughing On the Fourth of July

Monday. The Chateau Versailles is closed. They are busy making another TV series about Marie-Antoinette. Two months ago it was Louis XVI, the Man Who Didn’t Want to Be the King. Actually, he wasn’t sure. Good title though. I think it’s a comedy.

It’s the 4-th of July though. Does anyone remember King Louis in the US? Funny…. What is that comedy compared to this one? They remember the other kid, La Fayette; but not the one who had ruined his country to pay for the American Revolution!

This street, south of Chateau Versailles is called the Avenue of the American Independence. It is here in the building of the Foreign Affaires and the Marine where the treaty between the Thirteen Colonies and France was signed by Vergennes and Franklin.

“These days America makes quite a spectacle,” they told Benjamin Franklin at a reception party. “Yes,” said he, “but the spectators don’t want to pay!” This is also funny, especially for those who don’t suffer from amnesia: It took from forty to sixty percent of France’s GDP to finance the debt incurred from that war: Two fleets, two armies fighting across the oceans! You are a funny guy, Ben… you are a funny guy.

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