Princess Palatine

“You cannot step outside your apartment without seeing someone urinate,” She is the funniest if somewhat unreliable commentator on the Court of Versailles. This German Princess, the wife of Duke of Orleans, gets away with a lot. Louis XIV likes his sister-in-law. After the death of Louis XIV and as the mother of the Regent, she is the highest ranking woman at the Court. Versailles of Princess Palatine looses in subtlety but gains in Gargantuan proportions. “Her face and my butt look like twins,” this is how Princess Palatine describes her daughter-in-law.

In the famous episode of the marriage of Duke of Chartres, Princess’ son and Louise de Blois, Louis’ daughter, Palatine disapproves of the marriage but decides to let her son handle it. When he accepts the match, Palatine slaps him. But when the other two of Louis XIV’s bastards come under attack, she comes to their defence. Now that their sister is the member of Princess Palatine’s family, she’d rather bring them up than down. Palatine is “as square as a dice;” and although this was said about her physical attributes, the statement may cover her thought and conduct as well.

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