The XVIII Century Inspired Fashions At Trianon

The closed for repairs and renovation Museum of Fashion brought to Versailles a dozen of items. They are to be seen at the Big Trianon. 

The idea is simple, take an XVIII century outfit and trace its influence to today.

So obvious, it’s even boring. I don’t think we really need to see the original. It is not that I don’t want to see the XVIII century clothes. It’s just a little silly to have them there for that purpose.

 I like to examine the XVIII century woman as close as I can, and not to trace her influences and inspirations.

Look at these buckles. Their name was exactly that, “Come and see.” And they were decorating the woman’s foot. Not just buckles, but buttons were full of erotic messages. There is, however, some confusion there, for example, the so-called basket-dress is mostly XVII century, it was popularised at the Court of Louis XIV by Madame Montespan to hide her frequent pregnancies. And the very name of that dress has long and strong presence in the erotic language of today. And I don’t think I need to explain to anyone the meaning of the expression to put a hand in the basket

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