14 July At Chateau Versailles

National holidays are like that — a political postcard, not a poster, they are full of patriotic infantilism and self-congratulatory rhetorics. And it is hard not to agree with Mario Vargos Llosa that only our enemies can tell us something new about ourselves. Today at Chateau Versailles the French Royalists had a protest picnic in the park. Their message is simple and complex at the same time, What is and was didn’t and does not have to be. The simplicity of the message denies the necessity of the French Revolution. Indeed it could have ended the way it still is in Britain; the complexity of the message is Heideggerian, there is a hermeneutic loop and an answer hiding inside every question; any statement consistently developed ends up as a self-contradiction; and so when we throw their argument back at the Royalists, they are not any better than we are, Did the king need to be? Do we have to have monarchy? 

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