Capitalism At Chateau Versailles

I know that capitalism is a fiction; I know that it only exists in old economics books and in the anti-socialist propaganda. Actually, the same goes for socialism. And when you see either one or the other in its pure form, they both look sad and funny. 

The old Soviet Union always had some supplemental market economy; the United States has massive socialist institutions without which it would long die of septic shock. It is meaningful to discuss these parallel economies as a symbiotic relationship; even though more often than not one of these symbians looks like a parasite. 

Tonight it rains in Versailles. It rains in the park on the dried up pools, yellow grass and the miserable employees; at the entrance there is a crowd of people who came there to look at the fireworks and the fountains and now all of these people want their money back; but, in spite of the inclement weather, there will be no cancellation of the show; Big Water will be splashing as scheduled, and abandon hope ye all who came for reimbursements.

Chateau Versailles Spectacle is a capitalist arm of the socialist body of Chateau Versailles. They are capitalist in the meanest, nastiest sense of that word. These are the blood-suckers that would rather burst than let go. How do you recognize them? Their employees work part-time only and buy their own uniforms: you can recognize them by the black suits and white shirts and the giant transparent plastic bags they wear over those clothes in the weather like today. Do you know how effective those ponchos are in the weather like this? I want to see the boss of Chateau Versailles Spectacle wearing that poncho in this kind of rain. I want to hear water sloshing in his shoes and a stuttering explanation of what he thinks should be the range of expressions allowed on his employees faces for the occasion. Smile everybody. No flash. 


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