A Sinking Island

It rains three full days of rain. In the summer of 2005 firemen had to put on their scuba-diving gear to check out the underground parking structures at Versailles Central Market Place to make sure that nobody was left behind. This is the time when you understand how quickly mother nature can reclaim her turf. At Chateau Versailles water digs small creeks in the park. I walk down the Alley of Ceres to the Isle of Children. Don’t look for it in your tourist guide. It is not on the map. The isle was put there in 1710, that is ten years before the death of Louis XIV. He must have been thinking a lot about his grandchildren. The kids are still holding on to their isle as if it were a life boat. One of them had let go and drowned a few years ago, so I am a little worried. The plumbing had rotted and one side of the basin had collapsed. They don’t have the funds to restore the fountain. Will it wait? Sure. As I often tell my Buddhist friends the impermanent can last a very long time.

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