A Pissed-off King (Scaramouche and Harlequin)

La Comedie Italienne enjoyed a very special relationship with Louis XIV. Fiorilli, the creator of Scaramouche, entertained the Dauphin from the age of two, often holding him on his lap. They say that one time the little Louis was laughing so hard that he peed all over the famous actor. But in 1697 the Italians were chased out-of-town for attacking Madame Maintenon in La Fausse Prude. Fiorilli had been already dead and could not help them. Biancolelli, the creator of Harlequin, had been in the same situation. Pity, he too knew how to handle his royal patron. This is an example of Biancolelli defusing the royal anger after the play the Sun King was attending incognito. “I agree with your opinion,” he said to Louis, “but I beg you not to tell His Majesty about this awful performance….”

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