Une mouche sur le papier à pas menues parcourt mes lines inégales…                                                                                                                                                          G. Apollinaire

Gentlemen! two steps to the side…, two forward, moving the right shoulder backward… Ladies! two steps to the left…, and forward, moving the right shoulder to…

And to to do it right, we also need to dress right; so, help me in my choice of costume. This is  an engineer, definitely not me; but I suppose I would wear it…

Wait, this one is much better, a tinkerer of some sort… warmer… warmer;

now the astrologer is very debonair, only please don’t ask me what my sign is.

Gardener! Awesome! I can dig and pick your fruits, hack off dead branches, rake leaves — maybe an assistant to a gardener, or an apprentice to an assistant.

And what is this? Oh, this is me! And although I know nothing about fountains, I do empathize with the character– a sad kind of look, as water is leaking out of him quite involuntarily….

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