Duke d’Orleans, A Shy One At the Orgy – I

None of his women left their name in history. He preferred it this way — a quick conversation, then a date, then another quick conversation. Madame Parabere was an exception. They called her the Orgy Queen. She could and usually did drink all the Duke’s guests under the table, smiling to the last man standing. As for her favors, only her husband was receiving none; but then he was never invited. Duke liked Parabere a lot, but eventually replaced her. When asked by Saint-Simon about the reason for their fall out, he sighed and said, “She cheated on me,” then looked away and added, “if you can call it this way.” (Continued-2), (Continued-3), (Continued-4), (Continued-5)

This picture,  Regent Advised By Minerva, which you can see in Dauphin’s quarters at the Chateau Versailles,  offers us one of the rare portraits of Countess Parabere. Its painter is Jean-Louis François du Rieu du Fargis.

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