XVIII Century Dirty Joke

After the wedding night of Louis Augustus (the future Louis XVI) and Marie-Antoinette, Louis XV interviews his grandson, but the young man is shy and says this is too intimate a matter to tell anyone. “C’mon now!” says the old lecher, “This is a matter of state! I must know! And then for God’s sake I am you grandfather!” “OK,” says the Dauphin, “I’ll tell you. The girl was absolutely crazy about me and if I wanted, I could have her.”

One night Marie-Antoinette shows up in the royal bedroom. Louis XVI frowns, “You must have slept by now with all my subjects!” “Your Majesty, how can you!” “Let’s see, you have slept with Marquis de La Lafayette!” “Your Majesty, he is very powerful!” “You have slept with Count Fersen….” “Yes, but he is so-o-o handsome!” “And then Esterhazy!” “Well, he is so very brave!” “But then, you have even slept with my page who has none of their qualities!” “But Sire, of all the four he is most devoted to you!”

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