Axis Mundi

Louis XV married Marie Leszczinska in 1725 when he was only 15. She, on the other hand, was already 22, and very quickly the whole affair took on a rather peculiar dimension. Cardinal Flury had to exile one of the courtiers for checking a little too often on the fifteen-year-old’s crotch. Cardinal Flury of all people should have been familiar with the medieval social theology: the body sacred and the body profane of Louis united in that precise spot into the axis mundi! Indeed, not to check would be a serious form of neglect. I must remind my reader that the king’s body was endowed with certain mystic qualities. Louis XIV, Louis XV’s grandfather, took the curative power of his own touch as something quite genuine and practiced it all his life. We could imagine the inverse also being true. It must have been an act of courage if not sacrilege for anyone to consider an unauthorized contact, history has preserved for us some of those glorious names: Isabelle de Chatillonne was the first to successfully bring the thirteen-year-old Louis XIV to a manual orgasm. She has failed to get any further, promptly exiled by an overly-concerned mother-Queen. Within a year Catherine Bélier, baroness of Beauvais, a one-eyed fire-cracker, took over the sex-education of Louis XIV. She was already in her forties and must had been hand-picked by Ann of Austria. Later on the poor woman was completely destroyed by cards and gigolos, but for the services rendered to the monarch between the ages 14 and 16 she was still receiving a 2000 livres in annual pension, plus some property in Paris, the property which  still bears her name. Hotel de Beauvais can be seen at 68 rue François Miron in the Marais; they say that pretty soon we will be able to smell another collection of French perfume there; whatever the new designation of this wonderful baroque building, its majestic columns will always remind us of the reason that brought them into being.

About versaillesgossip, before and after Francis Ponge

The author of the blogs Versailles Gossip and Before and After Francis Ponge, Vadim Bystritski lives and teaches in Brest France. The the three main themes of his literary endeavours are humor, the French Prose Poetry, the French XVII and XVIII Century Art and History. His writings and occasionally art has been published in a number of ezines (Eratio, Out of Nothing, Scars TV, etc). He also contributes to Pinterest where he comments on the artifiacts from the Louvre and other collections. Some of his shorter texts are in Spanish, Russian and French.
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