A Courtier Is Like Marble — Cold and Polished


Spying is the greatest form of amusement a courtier may have at Versailles. Duchess of Burgundy was discovered digging through Madam Maintenon’s papers. They let her be, for such is the nature of the activity that sometimes spies find what they least expect. So the Duchess sees on the familiar desk a letter Madam d’Epinay wrote to Madam Maintenon. The Duchess opens and reads it. Wow! The letter gives a detailed account of the last five days in the life of Duchess of Burgundy at Chateau Versailles: every mistake, every misstep, every indiscretion and every breech of the Court etiquette are carefully noted. The Duchess loses her color and is ready to faint. How could such a master-spy as Madam Maintenon forget to destroy such a compromising letter? To destroy is yet another greatest form of amusement they have at Versailles.

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