Paris — Moscow

The one-way trip would take a month and a half, though the express mail could make it in two weeks. General Malet counted on that. His plan was simple, to deliver a sufficient number of fake orders to different National Guard units in Paris, and, backing them with a counterfeit Senate proclamation that Napoleon was dead in Russia, create an interim republican government. He was in the process of taking control of the Treasury, Postal service and City Hall, when someone had recognized in him an inmate of the Dubuisson insane asylum. To cover up the embarrassing facts, the hastily put together Court Marshal executed the former general and his would be accomplices, that is all those who were gullible enough to take him seriously. Realizing that it was his last chance to give orders, General Malet commanded his own firing squad.

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  1. Glen says:

    Куда пропал?

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