The Italian Sin

As Abbot Choisy, the famous XVII century transvestite, tells us, his mother would often dress him as a girl: ears pierced, face powdered and spiffed up with a fashionable freckle, for whenever Phillip of Orleans came over to play, Phillip would be dressed the same way. The purpose of  this Children’s Theater was to raise Phillip in such a way that he wouldn’t compete for the throne with his elder brother. And Phillip never did. Only once, in 1677, was he trusted with command of an army. Guillaume of Orange, thinking the effeminate sibling of Louis XIV to be an easy prey, hurried with an army of thirty-two thousand to meet the French. But Phillip had proven to be a better general, and after a loss of twelve thousand soldiers Guillaume retreated. Phillip sent his doctors to the wounded enemy. He didn’t like violence, he even forbade all hunting in his forests: the idea of killing an animal was absolutely abhorrent to him.

In the picture we see the Sun King and his brother Phillip.

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