Erotic Tabatière

The difference between the XVII and XVIII century tobacco box is such that I think the XVII century one was still a tobacco container, whereas the other had become more of a conversation piece for which tobacco sniffing was only a pretext. Knowing that, when offering your tabatière to a fellow traveler, pass it from your right to your left hand. Tap on it elegantly: in sniffing, like in smoking, beautiful gestures are very important. Open the box by flipping the lid with your thumb. After he took some, keep the box open. Pinch and hold that pinch for a second. Now bring the tobacco up to your nose. Inhale with dignity, no grimacing. Sneeze into your handkerchief, while pressing the secret button. Clear your throat, and judiciously close the lid upon the erotic image that has shown itself when you were sneezing.

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