No Flush XVIII Century Toilet

The thing that American servicemen miss during their deployments to the Middle East is porcelain.  Eight or ten months at some Forward Opperation Base make them positively nostalgic about the indoor plumbing. It is not nearly as satisfying to sit in a plastic out-house that meets neither the solidity nor cleanliness standards to which the US soldier is accustommed. You never feel completely safe: Plastic is flimsy, if someone yunks that door hard enough, the latch will not hold. I even remember one or two of them falling down when the wind was too strong. Meeting this XVIII century porcelain god at Cité Céramique of Sèvres brought back memories.


This thing looks really comfortable. Unless you consider emptying it after every use, or at the end of the day. Carrying such a potter-potty around or just turning it upside-down should take at least two people, and if you wait log enough — three! The other thing which makes me wonder is its position inside WC: the right side is left undecorated; and this would mean that the two plain sides went against walls; and so, what if they had to sit just like that, on the corner?




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