Where is Waldo?

…that is where is Louis XVI? …or Marie-Antoinette? They have to be somewhere around here, their bones shuffled and re-stacked with the bones of their subjects. Death is the ultimate democratic institution. Perhaps they are in the part of Catacombes behind the sign La Cimetiére de la Madelaine, that is if we were to trust the decor of this XIX century theater of macabre. But if they are there, they find themselves in the company of people they used to know: the bones of Marie-Antoinette next to those of Madame Du Barry and the bones of Louis XVI mixed with those of his legal defender, Lamoignon de Malesherbes, who when his turn came, tripped on the steps to guillotine and said, “Bad omen! On a day like this a Roman wouldn’t venture outside his house.”

About versaillesgossip, before and after Francis Ponge

The author of the blogs Versailles Gossip and Before and After Francis Ponge, Vadim Bystritski lives and teaches in Brest France. The the three main themes of his literary endeavours are humor, the French Prose Poetry, the French XVII and XVIII Century Art and History. His writings and occasionally art has been published in a number of ezines (Eratio, Out of Nothing, Scars TV, etc). He also contributes to Pinterest where he comments on the artifiacts from the Louvre and other collections. Some of his shorter texts are in Spanish, Russian and French.
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