Versailles Bordello

This old picture of Versailles I have found on Internet. The title got my attention — Versailles Bordello. It is eerie that I could recognize the place. Not the building, there are several similar buildings in Versailles, but the street, for there is only one street in Versailles which has these buildings, plus a cobble-stone pavement, complete with an elevated curb.  This curb I know quite well, jogging up and down this street, the Street of Old Versailles. So, yesterday I went out for a jog. You guess where I went. Yes, just to make sure. It is not that I was ever in doubt. My feet know every crack there. And it may sound as if I was happy to recognize the location… sure, in the beginning…, but very soon, unable to pin down the building, I have worked myself all up. I ran up. I ran down. I slowed my pace to a walk. I’ve stopped. This one! Oh no — that one. This was the situation described in Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves: I could not find the mark I thought I have inscribed on the damn door. And also, you may think that I am nuts, but it could be the true reason — the woman wasn’t there.

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