Another Love Quadrangle

Marie-Mareleine Guimard had three lovers, the one who was most useful, Prince Soubise; then the honorary lover, La Borde, and finally her heart-throb, Dauberval. The heart-throb served also as a dancing partner; whereas La Borde was a composer, and how she loved his music; as for Soubise, he bankrolled the shows all four would put together in their small private theater in Pantin. One day Soubise got tired of this situation and decided to pull out, which had pretty much bankrupted the show: Dauberval returned to Opera, La Borde went back to Versailles, being the first valet of Louis XV; Marie-Mareleine found a German prince to marry and was on her way to his country, when Soubise rushed after her, attacked the husband-to-be, brought Marie-Madeleine back to Paris where all four reunited to live and create happily for the next ten years.

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