The Death of Count Fersen

This is the building in front of which in May 1810 the Sweedes have murdered Axel Fersen. He was left in front of the Court House porch, naked: the rioters had ripped off his clothes, a little too fancy to mourn the death of the popular Danish Prince, Carl August. Yes, all naked…, but they left Fersen his gold watch, a present of Marie-Antoinette, someone has placed it on his broken chest.

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2 Responses to The Death of Count Fersen

  1. Glen says:

    Интересно, за сколько бы ушли эти часы сейчас на ебей.

  2. Трудно сказать, ведь культ Марии-Антуанеты серьёзно завышает цены на такие предметы, я полагаю что не меньше миллиона евров.

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