The Dog of Marie-Antoinette

Ugly little thing, isn’t it? But according to Stefan Zweig Coco was there till the end. This is the pet Marie-Antoinette, her son and daughter kept during their captivity in the Temple. Where is the dog Fersen bought for the Queen, or, as some sources suggest, a puppy of the count’s own dog? I have no idea, but this is Coco, whose grave you can visit in Paris, 80 rue Lille; metro Assemblée Nationale, in the courtyard of the early XVIII century building, l’hôtel de Seignelay.

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2 Responses to The Dog of Marie-Antoinette

  1. I have just stumbled upon your blog and love it. As a passionate Francophile it is a joy to read so much information on Le chateau.

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