Versailles Renaissance Forever (Continued)

The funny thing is, you don’t have to leave Paris to see le Petit Trianon. In 1912 an architect René Sergent built this quasi replica of Marie-Antoinette’s demure at 63 rue de Monceau for a collector of the XVIII century antiques, Count de Camondo. In 1935, and in accordance with the count’s wishes, the building with its collection became a museum. The interior is by no means a copy of what we see at the Domain of the Queen: following the tastes of Versailles Renaissance, it is filled with its own exotic content. My favorite artifact there is the bottle of saké that was known to belong to Madame de Pompadour. Pompadour herself probably never drank out of it — she kept that piece of lacquered wood as decoration. If I were a Japanese manufacturer of alcohol, I would certainly not let this information slip by: Myself, I do not find the idea of getting smashed on saké appealing, that is probably because I do not belong to connaisseurs of the beverage, but I think even for me, Saké Pompadour, would be the occasion.

For Versailles Renaissance see also “Taking a Bath with Madame Montespan

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