Phantom-3 or 4

It was hot today…, probably the last day of summer…, the last day of G-Group nocturnal pyrotechnic show. Thank God. I think I said this a year or so ago — I don’t like fire-works. Then working at these shows at the Chateau didn’t help.  It’s an interesting crowd of people who comes to see them. Apparently many take drugs to enhance the effect of the petard. This is why my experience of a medic comes handy. I remember trying to pick off the grass this young woman, who must have blown a fuse in her brain. What did she think were my intentions, to ravish her right there on the lawn? Funny and sad, like sweet and sour pork…. I understand though, for it happens sometimes in an explosion of fireworks when a bright light catches up to a retreating shadow…,  who knows how…, there are contours of trees deep behind layers of untrimmed bushes next to the statues. There! There, or-else in a dark recess of your brain, all these flashes produce a hallucination.

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