The Bed Called Regency

Those of you who have been reading my blog understand that the word Regency in French is associated with libertinage and decadence, and therefore has a certain flavour of nostalgia. This bed, named Regency by its makers (the Mercier brothers) had been a gold medalist at the Universail Exhibition of 1889 and later was acquired for a well-known Parisian address, 6 rue des Moulins — right where avenue de l’Opera meets rue de Sainte-Anne; their intersection, if you examine the map, resembles a pubic triangle, and this, together with the presence of numerous bordellos in the area, had given that neighborhood its ambiance. Now let us return to our times. It is almost bed-time and in a few minutes I am going to unfold my Ikea sofa, drink a glass of tap-water and sleep peacefully until the first morning trains. I wish pleasant dreams to all my readers….

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