Lusting for Pauline

Looking at this portrait I feel a little lost. Where should I begin? Perhaps with the nipples. After all everyone from soldiers to generals was singing praises to them; Pauline Bonaparte was so popular! Here I must state that before us is the first beauty of the first half of the XIX century. You are probably beginning to wonder if I am not a little crazy? Hear me out…. Prince Mitternich wouldn’t permit Pauline to visit Napoleon on the island of Saint Helena for fear of the effect her presence may have on the English garrison out there! Are you suspecting now that the painter had seriously failed in his task? No, the portrait is quite accurate, for this is a rare picture which actually shows enough of family resemblance between P and N for me to wonder, if all those guys were not head-over-hills in love with Pauline because they were crazy about her brother?

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