Marie-Antoinette Razors

No, they don’t have any; but look, they have Marie-Antoinette T-shirts, and they have them in my size. Hell, it has nothing to do with Marcel Duchamp or Contemporary Art — I just want to buy myself one; but what will people think about me? I’ll say it’s for my mother…. Now all by myself in my cold and lonely room I can put it on. It looks great. And now I want to go out. How do I do that? …and I suppose it’s an act of a coward, but I open a permanent marker and add on her face mustachios and a goatee.

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4 Responses to Marie-Antoinette Razors

  1. Regina says:

    Love this so much with jeans and heels…looked online and cannot find for sale anywhere on VERSAILLES site. Please advise and LOVE your blog!!!

  2. Regina says:

    Thank you

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