Versailles Aphrodisiacs

Madame Maintenon thought that Mademoiselle de Blois was spoiled rotten: the girl smoke and swore and set off fire-crackers under the windows of her father-in-law. She was a child of the double adultery which I have already discussed: the king and Madame Montespan were both married; they also thought Mademoiselle de Blois to be a by-product of a certain love potion. Last night I happened to stumble upon the list of ingredients for the powerful aphrodisiac they say Louis XIV had consumed; so, today I share this information with you, my readers. The first thing we need is the wild boar testicles. They are to be cooked together with an artichoke. We spice them up with cat piss and some fox excrement, and then a dash of that toad powder — I assume this is just a body of a toad reduced to powder. The whole thing is usually served with a viper’s eye on top.


To learn about future developments in the life of Mademoiselle de Blois see also Madame Lucifer.

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