Mozart Returns: Paris 1778

In 1778 Mozart is back in Paris, but he is no longer a cute little kid and a musical progeny he had been back in 1763, but a young man whose skills are not particularly in demand — in the late XVIII century Paris everyone is some kind of a musician. This is how he himself describes his reception at the Salon of Duchess de Chabot, “For some time I did not know what to do. I was in an unheated room, dying of cold and boredom and then headache. If it were not for Monsieur Grimm, I would have left already. Just to get myself something to do, I sat at this wretched grand-piano. The worst of it was not its quality, but the fact that my audience did not stop their activities and conversation. I think I was playing for the furniture. So I played half of the program, then lost patience and got up in the midst of applause and acclamation.” At the Court of Versailles Mozart was offered a job of an organ player.

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