Why on Earth, the Sun King?

Nobody ever asked me, but last Tuesday a ten-year-old did, “Why was he called the Sun King?” Oh, how they are proud of themselves! “Why do you want to know?” I was trying to buy time, to come up with a good one, for I don’t believe that at ten anyone really cares about Campanella and his book, The City of Sun; so, why should I tell this boy that Campanella, the first communist ever, was living in Paris when the little Louis was born; and would this American kid really be happy to learn that Louis’ mom, Ann of Austria, asked this Italian monk, Campanella, to make her Louis’ horoscope; and that when Campanella made the horoscope, he added to it a poem hailing the Sun King who has come to establish prosperity and an ever-lasting peace on earth? I don’t think so. So I made sure that the ten-year-old’s mom was not within an ear-shot, pointed to the closest symbol of sun and said, “When Louis was little they started calling him the Sun King, because he was a little butt-hole….”

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