Long Live the Emperor’s Coat!


Perhaps the Emperor’s hat was a little too famous; after Napoleon’s death the numerous avatars of Le Petit Chapeau planted themselves in various museums across Europe, as well as in the collective memory, but the coat…, the coat went on: it was an ordinary gray coat with a double row of buttons, not very pricey — 160 francs a piece; and every year, around the month of September, two of them were delivered for the Imperial wardrobe — simple, but therein was the trick: the boots, the hat, the coat…, you don’t get it? Stalin got it! Churchill got it! Every American Civil War general got it, they even took over that awesome gesture to caress an imaginary stomach ulcer! If you have not decided what you want for Christmas… OK, OK… get your i-Phone, your i-Pad, your i-Pack, and all the other i-F… and applications…. Ridiculous little people….

hitler's coat

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2 Responses to Long Live the Emperor’s Coat!

  1. Regina says:

    I never fail to read your blog…an insiders eyeball and voice from within the halls of Versailles. I thank you for your TRULY SUPERLATIVE modern posts in jargon most appealing…written on my iPad with much regrets…for my carrier pigeon could never make it to your balcony to offer a HUG!

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