Why Beaver?


“If Paris is the center of France, then Palais-Royal is the center of Paris:” A theater, four hundred stores, fifteen restaurants, twenty cafés, eighteen casinos, but most importantly brothels, for this commerce in the times of economic or political crises sustains all the other; a lady, who sticks her scantily dressed body out of a circular or semi-circular window upstairs, is called half-a-beaver, while the one coming down to seek her clientele in the arcades — total beaver. From the days of Regency until the days of Louis-Philippe their presence gave a powerful boost to the local economy; for example, in 1814 the victorious General Blucher lost a million and a half in a singe evening! The English, the Prussian, the Russian armies stomp up and down the stairs. The troops are here, their women have been waiting.


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